Tips for Buyers

The Early Buyer Gets the Bargain!

Speed is essential as many antique dealers' trawl car boot sales early in the morning to stock their shops. If you are looking for particular items, get down early.

Sometimes late sellers arrive when the dealers have left for breakfast and, in turn, can miss late bargains. But this is a rarity!

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Know What You Want!

Many buyers wander around aimlessly not knowing what they are looking for. It is much easier when you know what you want and have an idea of the items you may be hoping to find.

Car Boot Sale in Horsham


Know the Value!

How much is the item worth TO YOU? It doesn't matter if 'Millers Guide to Antiques' doesn't list what you like as long as YOU like it! You never know what might be tomorrows antique.



 Car Boot Sale in Horsham



 In certain countries there is no such thing as a price ticket. Customers are expected to haggle over the price of items they are intending to purchase.

This is the norm at car boot sales. Practice at home!

 Car Boot Sale in Horsham




Take Plenty of Loose Change!

At the start of the day many stallholders are short of change, maybe they'll accept a lower price in exchange for badly needed change!

 Car Boot Sale in Horsham


Enjoy Yourself!

It can be a fun morning with the added bonus of finding some real bargains. You'll find that folk are friendly and wander round chatting to each other.





As we're in the beautiful Sussex countryside you'll find your visit to our sale very pleasant!

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