A Great Deal for Sellers!

  • Every Saturday 8am – 1pm
  • Sellers entry 7am
  • Buyers entry from 8am
  • Toilet facilities on site
  • Hot and cold refreshments available


2024 season starting 25th May - Until October
Weather Permitting

If you want to get access to over 10,000 visitors every week, then come join the fun!

With excellent facilities, great food, why not drop us a message? Even if you just want a chat and more information, we can help.

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Know the Site!

Why not visit the site as a customer first?

Get a feel for the site. Scope the competition; are there many stalls selling what you want to sell? How much are they charging? Ask around, chat to people! You'll soon get the feel of how things work.

Arrive Early!

If you want to get a good pitch on site, you'll need to arrive early. Check our opening times for sellers and remember the best pitches go very early and very fast!

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Car Boot Sale in Horsham




Your Goods!

The easy bit…

To sell successfully you need to offer people things they will want to buy, at a price they are willing to pay - that's the easy bit!


To attract buyers, set your stall out in an appealing way. Clean working items in good condition sell much better than dirty, broken, or poorly presented items.

Ask yourself this…

"Would I buy it?"

If the answer is…






Your Stall!

Presentation of your stall is important. A clean tablecloth with items neatly arranged creates a good impression and attracts buyers a lot more than you think – pay attention to detail.


2024 Prices

Cars - £9.50

Small vans - £12.50

Large vans - £15

Cars with trailers negotiable

Enjoy Yourself!

It can be a fun morning with the added bonus of making some money. You'll find that folk are friendly and wander round chatting to stall holders. As we're in the beautiful Sussex countryside you'll find your visit to our sale very pleasant!




Prohibited Items

Items Prohibited for Sale at our Boot Sales

  • Pets and animals
  • Foam-filled Furniture - this is in accordance with the fireproofing regulations
  • Fireworks
  • Firearms

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Car Boot Sale in Horsham


 Car Boot Sale in Horsham

For Hire

Items for Hire at Our Car Boot Sale!

  • Clothes rails, from £4
  • Tables, from £4
  • Mix and Match 3 Large Tables and Clothes Rails - £10
  • Chairs, £1 each

We have a limited quantity for clothes hangers available for use

First come, first serve basis, be sure to arrive early to secure your space and and any items for hire!


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Car Boot Sale in Horsham

Car Boot Sale in Horsham





In the past, some sellers have tried to get to the best bargains for themselves by 'helping' other sellers unload their car.

This situation can be avoided by this simple approach:

When you arrive at your pitch and are surrounded by eager buyers, get out of your car, lock it up, and tell them that you are going to have a look around and get a cup of tea before you unpack.

Even if you only walk away for a few minutes, it should be enough for their attention to wander onto other arrivals.